ATTENTION BERNIE SANDERS: New Poll Shows Voters Worried About Candidates Who Had Heart Attacks

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a Democratic presidential primary debate, Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

You can’t really blame any voter for wondering how a 78-year-olds ticker is operating after it almost stopped can you?

I know I can’t.

It seems that as the public is getting a closer look at Bernie, they are whispering politely that he is really old and not even 6 months off a heart attack. Maybe that combination is not the best for the country moving forward.


As my colleague Streiff wrote here earlier today Sanders Campaign Tries to Deflect Attention From Sanders’s Heart Attack by Claiming Bloomberg Has Also Had One the Sanders camp is trying to change the subject but it will not work.

The numbers are in according to The Blaze

According to the results of an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday, the Vermont senator and self-described democratic socialist leads the Democratic primary field with 27% of support among Democratic primary voters, which is 12 points ahead of the second-place candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden.

But the results aren’t all rosy for Sanders. The poll also asked an overall sample of registered voters about their thoughts on candidates’ qualities in a general election.

That section of the poll shows that a total of 57% of registered voters either “had some reservations” (42%) or were “very uncomfortable” (15%) about a candidate who had a heart attack in the last year.

It also shows that 53% of voters “had some reservations” (39%) or were “very uncomfortable” (14%) about a candidate over the age of 75. Sanders, 78, shares that distinction in the Democratic field with 78-year-old former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and 77-year-old Joe Biden. President Donald Trump is 73 years old.


Thinking about this I can now see that Trump is the “kid” in this group being you really would not guess by how he bounces around that he is 73. I’m 50 and watching him tires me out.

This goes back to a dirty lil secret I have been talking about for a while. The American public is ageist and are not going to elect a guy who would be close to 80 if he were sworn in that just had a heart attack. If that were to happen the Vice president pick would literally be more important than the person leading the ticket. Bernie is already tipping out at the average age of people at 79 this year and anything over that is gravy. Which is something he should be cutting out of his diet.

Bernie has 27% of loyal support by people who seem to think that he is their rich grandpa and when he kicks it there are getting part of Uncle Sam’s hidden booty in a vault, but that is nowhere near the majority of Democrats who are voting. Plus the Democrats who are voting are not close to the general population who will vote.

This simply means that Bernie is riding a wave that might win him the nomination but most likely will crash sometime after Milwaukee and the DNC convention. That is great for all those Trump supporters but it will make Bernie and his bros mad. Which would also be great for Trump and his supporters.


If Bernie were really serious about “transforming” this country as he says he would have dropped out AFTER his heart attack for himself and his movement. That he continued just shows that he has a zeal for power and realizes he does not have much time left on the clock to win the ultimate political prize. He has to do it now or never.

Looking at the results of this poll, I don’t see how he will get a second chance after this.

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