CONGRATULATIONS: 'Liberal Hack' Tournament Winner Is CNN's Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter

I’m A Winner (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


Do you know the old saying that if you work really hard at something then you can achieve it? Well, that is mostly true but it is 100% true in the case of CNN Media commentator Brian Stelter. Our favorite human potato look-alike fought off a field of 64 people to win this glorious award. The contest was announced back on Jan 23rd by the Twitter account @ComfortablySmug and was a hit where YOU PEOPLE on Twitter got to vote for who you thought was a bigger hack in each matchup.


From the Daily Caller

The tournament’s contenders were formally announced on Jan. 23 from the twitter account called ‘Comfortably Smug,’ run by Shashank Tripathi. It consisted of a March Madness-style bracket that pinned 64 liberal commentators from outlets like from MSNBC, Washington Post, and CNN against each other. In the final round, Stelter defeated Washington Post opinion writer Jennifer Rubin with 57.5 percent of the vote. The final contenders, referred to as the “Fake Four,” were Brian Stelter, Jennifer Rubin, Jim Acosta, and Rachel Maddow

Here was the final voting in a not-so-close race between Tater and Jennifer Rubin…

Poor J. Rube never wins at anything and was BLOWN OUT here. Maybe next year, kid.

Once again, congrats to our favorite media analyst for this prestigious honor given you. You have fought hard these past years to earn your reputation as a hack and it paid off.


Can’t WAIT until next year to see if he can defend the title.

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