GAME OVER: Mitch McConnell Has the Votes to End Impeachment Today

Mitch McConnell
“Cocaine Mitch” graphic. Image via Team Mitch.

When you are on a roll, sometimes you just feel that nothing can go wrong and right now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is on one of those rolls. Enjoy it, Senator, because you know how it goes in Washington D.C. — and in life.


Mitch has once again outmaneuvered his “counterpart” in the Article I branch, Nancy Pelosi, with how this impeachment trial has gone. Instead of witnesses for as long as the eye can see, we will get a vote of acquittal and the Senate returning to regular business.

Chief Justice John Roberts will be thrilled.


President Trump is poised to win his long-expected acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial as soon as tonight, after Sen. Lamar Alexander’s dramatic 11th-hour announcement that he’ll vote against calling new witnesses.

The big question is no longer whether the Senate will sink this afternoon’s witness vote, but rather how long it will take to deliver a final verdict on Trump after the vote fails.

Without Alexander, it’s nearly certain that there won’t be enough votes for the motion to call witnesses — short of either a surprise Republican vote in favor of it or Chief Justice John Roberts breaking a 50-50 tie. Neither is likely.

He said it was “inappropriate for the president to ask a foreign leader to investigate his political opponent and to withhold United States aid to encourage that investigation” — but added that the election is the appropriate way for Americans to decide what to do about it.


Hot diggity dawg.

Now the only game that is going to be interesting to watch is to see how many Democrats do a flip over to not want witnesses. Sen. Manchin and Sen Sinema have been rumored to have been thinking about ending this charade early also.

As I wrote here yesterday, former GOP head cheese Michael Steele had tipped that McConnell had this thing done and all that was still needed was the crying by the Democrats. Ex GOP Chair Just Spilled the Beans, McConnell Has Already Beaten the Democrats at Impeachment.

Now after the vote is officially done, the wrath and fury of the Democrats will turn to…

A. Making more accusations against Trump to set the stage for another impeachment in case he wins in Nov.

B. Keeping the House of Representatives.

C. Making Mitch McConnell pay for outplaying them and flipping the Senate to Chuck Schumer.

D. Possibly defeating Donald Trump at the ballot box.

Also, let me say that if I were one of the Senators that were running for President and had been tied up with this trial and was not able to campaign in Iowa, I would send Mitch a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day next month.


Even though this is a YUGE victory it is going to be short-lived. The democrats will be motivated for revenge and they will be coming with everything they have for the next 10 months. So while this is a big win and once again shows that Mitch is at the top of his game there are many more battles to be had.

In this chapter, the GAME is OVER but there are many more games to be played.

Let’s have some fun.

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