Rand Paul Says Trump Kids Should Sue Chuck Schumer for Slander

When Senator Rand Paul gets a lil fire in his belly it is always a lot of fun to watch and man did he have some fire earlier today.

Earlier today on Fox while Rand was being interviewed they cut live for a couple of minutes to Sen. Chuck Schumer doing his daily talkfest before the trial was gaveled in. When host Ed Henry cut back to Sen. Paul and asked him what was said, the Kentucky politician was ready to rip on what he heard Schumer said.


From Daily Caller

“You know, I’m offended and shocked that Schumer would be so scurrilous as to accuse the president and his children of making money illegally off of politics when the only people we know have made money off of this have been Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” Paul said.

“So Hunter Biden makes a million dollars a year, that’s documented, but Schumer simply creates and makes up and says, ‘Oh, maybe the president’s kids are making money.’ John Bolton is making money as we speak. He has probably already gotten the several million dollar advance for this book. He’s making money by testifying against the president.”

“The only people we know who have actually made money? Hunter Biden and now John Bolton. And they’re not objective–John Bolton is not objective in any way now that he’s cashing million dollar checks. To have Schumer come up and say out of the blue, ‘Maybe the president’s kids are making money,’ with no evidence at all, that’s defamation and they ought to sue him.”

Schumer is very good at muddying the waters and that is what he tried to do here. We have a video of Joe Biden saying he got a Ukaranins official fired that happened to be looking into the company his son was getting paid nicely to be on. We have Joe Bidens bouncing baby boy ADMIT that he was getting paid really well and was pretty sure if his Dad was not the V.P. maybe he would not have gotten the gig. So Schumer thinks the Trump kids should be investigated?


Nice try Chuck.

Chuck is, of course, grasping at straws here but the Democrats have had a boost with the Bolton stuff. They feel that they can really expand their smear and get the mind-numbed boneheads to chant some more brain dead stuff.

Hopefully, now that it looks like the Senate will vote to have witnesses that the House didn’t have time for, the GOP Senate leaders will just open the can of WHOOP @$$ and call the Bidens. If they refuse the subpoena than suspend the trial until it goes through the court and remind Nancy and the kids how it is done. Also if the House wants to blow up precedent than start making a list of what has to go.

The first thing I would suggest is the archaic rule of only milk or water to drink during an impeachment trial.

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