Is the Democrat Party Ready to Screw Bernie Like They Did in 2016?

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They are really going to do it again to the old man arent they?

You sadistic monsters.

While Bernie is sitting in his not so cozy seat in the Senate chambers for the Impeachment Trial of the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump, it seems that treachery lurks. You might think that it has something to do with the defense lawyers of the President but it is that his Democrat colleagues who are looking to screw him 2016 style again.


Why do they dislike old white males who are curmudgeons?

While it is well known that Bernie is not a traditional Democrat but a flat out Socialist, the Democrats once again allowed him to run as one of them. He does not identify as a Democrat when he runs for the Senate in Vermont so why give him the platform to run nationally if you are going to knee cap him.

We all can recall how the Democratic National Committee had to jettison Debby Wasserman Schultz as a leader during their convention due to stories coming out how the heads of the party had “favored” Hillary over Bernie. The actions  taken after were supposed to level the playing field for future Democrats running against candidates named Clinton. I figured that would lead to a large field against a polarizing figure like Trump in 2020. That has happened.

The party rules for running for President may favor more balance but now it seems the party head honchos are still looking to take out Bernie’s campaign knees. Why let the guy run at all as a Democrat? Maybe because they feared he would run as an independent. Yet he could still do that or worse tell his followers to shower and take a nap on election day.

As I wrote here at Red State yesterday Poor Fella: Now Amy Klobuchar Says Bernie Should Not Lead The Ticket even the lil candidates are telling him to get lost.


Klobuchar’s statement comes on the heels of Hillary Clinton in a documentary about herself saying that Bernie essentially sucks and no one likes him. Anyone who has watched HRC all these years knows she has always just pretended to care about stuff that is not about her. That she felt free enough to diss Sanders with the solid showing and financial support he has had this primary season tells you something.

A. She is not running for President EVER AGAIN.

B. She just gave the green light for everyone else to burn the Bern.

Hillary wants Trump beaten badly. However, I bet in her mind Bernie was part of the reason why she lost to Trump in 2016 and Hill holds a grudge pretty well. She wants Trump gone but she would rather have anyone else beat POTUS than Bernie.

Sanders does have a loyal following and as I mentioned in an earlier article, those followers will follow Bernie anywhere. That these Democrats are willing to start taking potshots at Sanders leads me to believe that they think those followers will still vote against Trump with another Democrat. That is a really risky strategy.

Elizabeth Warren played it right when she declined to dive into any statement on Clinton’s comments when they became public. She is hoping that when Bernie drops out a large swath of those Bernie bros will skip over to her being they are both socialist compatico. She is at least hiding her disdain for Bernie as the DNC did in 2016.


So watch for how many more Democrats begin to take shots at Bernie while he is holed up in the Senate debating whether X should testify and the days to Iowa and New Hampshire come and go. I would say that they planned this all but I don’t want to be accused of going all full-fledged conspiracy theorists. Not yet anyway.

Just seems that the more things change, the more they don’t.

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