John Cusack Tells a Bernie Crowd We Are Toast in 10 years.

Another day, another rally or just another person exhaling and we have another prediction of global doom. All because we have not yet passed some piece of legislation that transfers money from this country to another.



On Saturday actor and world-renown climate expert, John Cusack decided to fly into New Hamshire and throw his support to currently embattled POTUS candidate Bernie Sanders and speak. Bernie is not a fan favorite of the ladies as I covered here Bernie Sanders Stumbles Politically Days After Clash With Warren. and could use all the help he can get.

According to Fox News

Actor John Cusack sounded the alarm on climate change and “predatory capitalism” while introducing presidential primary contender Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., during a Saturday afternoon rally in Exeter, New Hampshire.

He continued, “Bernie respects us enough to tell the truth, the hard truth: We have a 10-to-12-year window to radically transform our energy systems, or climate change, predatory capitalism, and endless war economies will rob us of the right to any future at all.”

Here we go, another we are toast in 10 or 12 years if the United States doesn’t pass a huge tax to redistribute wealth to solve whatever the project du jour is. I wrote about this last night for the Red State VIP members Socialist Bernie Gets Another Endorsement From a Sad, Rich, White Millionaire. ( see info on VIP below) where I go into millionaires always ragging on the middle class to pay more. Cusack is worth between 30 to 50 million so he can pay all that if he wants, leave the dirty unwashed masses alone.


Yet it seems that these chowder heads keep saying we have 12 years or less and we are going to die. Ocasio-Cortez: “The World Is Going To End In 12 Years If We Don’t Address Climate Change”

and Al Gore Al Gore warns ‘time is running out’ after U.N. gives world 12 years to fight climate change so there seems to be a pattern

At least Cusack says 10 years here being Al made his prediction in 2018 and AOC in 2019 so he is giving us some wiggling room. The underlying theme here is that none of these yahoos have a damn clue and neither do the people they are quoting that are supposed to know. This is just a constant scare tactic that they use during a speech and right after and right before they get back in their private jets to fly to and from.

I can’t even say hypocrite being the word is not strong enough.

Hopefully, someone can get close enough to one of these bubble gum chewers and ask to meet them right back in whatever spot they are standing 12 years from now. Then they can get the update on how many more ” 12 year cycles” it will take to ruin the Earth.

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