Pelosi Thinks She Mocks Trump Saying He Is Impeached Forever. Does the President Care?

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As we enter the last full year of President Donald Trump’s first term, you would think that after close to four years of watching him up close, the Democrats would possibly have an idea of how to deal with him. They get a clue sometimes and occasionally do well but then you see an example of Nancy Pelosi on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” and you have to laugh.


They just fall flat so often.

What did San Fran Nan say? According to Vanity Fair

“This president is impeached for life, regardless of any gamesmanship on the part of Mitch McConnell,” the California Representative said, firming up Rep. Adam Schiff’s suggestion from a month ago that a failed Senate trial, by its very nature of existing, would not be a failure. “He will be impeached forever,” Pelosi continued, twisting the knife a bit into President Donald Trump’s ego.

Saying he is “impeached for forever” is twisting the knife into his ego? This event alone will have its own wing in the Donald J. Trump Presidential Libary and will probably feature a holographic Trump giving a tour and laughing most of the way through.

Trump, of course, has an ego just like any other official and the higher you go in elected office the rule of thumb, generally, is so does the size of the ego. Yet you are not twisting any knife on him about this. Impeachment did zip to Bill Clinton and the almost impeached Richard Nixon was STILL a respected statesman and best selling author when he died.

Nancy thinks this is going to hurt his ego? She just fed it.

Being as Nancy and the other Democrats have not learned in the past 3 years, Trump is a different breed of not only Republican but politician. He feeds off of the conflict.

When people are getting along with him he gets bored and then moves along to something else. The only way impeachment would have hurt him was if the Senate would vote to remove. Being as the House sent over a steaming pile of nothing to the Senate and Nancy played games holding the impeachment articles until this week, she has done nothing but stroke Donald’s ego.


Which I’m guessing was not the plan.

The Democrats start in earnest next month in the process to select a nominee to face off against POTUS #45 and try to defeat him in November of this year. From now until then, they should seriously think about how the last 3 years have gone and how any other politician would have been destroyed with this onslaught and how to correct it.

Otherwise, they may be looking at another 4 years of DJT and that might cause “theoretical” seizures among the whole Democrat leadership.

I’m sure President Trump would not mind that one bit.

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