Why Is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Picking On Pete Buttigieg?

Pete Buttigieg


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Let’s just get something straight here right off the bat.

This article about a spat between two progressives is not going to SINK to the level of how progressive democrats act in regards to how they treat conservatives. We are not going to assume here for ONE MOMENT that just because of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez picking on Pete Buttigieg with tweets, that she hates white men, white men who are straight or gay. Even white men who put ketchup on their hot dogs or don’t like 250 dollar haircuts.


We are not going there.

Pete Buttigieg on Fox News Sunday responded to criticism from A.O.C. about fundraising and what would be needed to be done for the Democratic nominee to take on and win against Donald Trump.

He actually sounds like he is taking this really seriously here.

From Fox News

The far-left congresswoman accused Buttigieg of protecting a system of “big money politics” instead of trying to make it a thing of the past, touting the merits of “small-dollar grassroots campaigns,” which she said were more successful than his. Buttigieg said he’s quite familiar with grassroots campaigning, but said it will take more than that for Democrats to succeed in 2020.

“Well, first of all, you don’t go from mayor of South Bend to a competitive presidential candidate without knowing a thing or two about grassroots campaigning,” Buttigieg told “Fox News Sunday” in response to Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet, posted last week. “My campaign is fueled by the contributions of almost 600,000 individual donors and most of those are small contributions.”

Ocasio-Cortez posted her remark while retweeting a quote from Buttigieg that criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan to stay away from large donations. Buttigieg had said, “We’re not going to beat Trump with pocket change.” Ocasio-Cortez described that comment as insulting to small donors, but Buttigieg explained his stance on Sunday.


He is taking this seriously!!!!

A.O.C. at the end of the day is a political cheap shot artist with feelings. That works great for twitter and her lil district in New York and of course the Instagram people eat that up but Pete has it nailed down here.

The way the system is set up now you need to bring in corporate cash by the bundles. This silly notion that Warren and Bernie are running on is great for small rallies and a fabulous talking point but not for a serious run for the Presidency.

That A.O.C. even took issue with the “pocket change” comment shows that she is way in overhead here. This is another reason why Nancy Pelosi will probably soon send her to the gulag while the adults in the Democratic caucus try to figure out the impeachment mess they have gotten themselves into.

The radical feelings over facts crowd of the Democratic party’s base right now are much more aligned with the Bernie factions than the more moderate faction like the Mayor. Buttigieg, it sounds like is much more in tune with how to win an election nationally with his statements here which is A.O.C. and the other kids lashed out.

Not because he is gay or white but because he is right.


At least on this issue.

Someone give Alexandria a gift certificate for another 250 dollar hair cut. Hopefully, that will keep her from taking shots for a while at Mayor Pete.

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