Pete Buttigieg Criticizes Chappelle's Latest Special, Even Though He Has Not Seen It.

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When you get a question about a subject that you know lil about but answer it, you might want to shut it down next time.

In what has to be one of the dumbest setup questions ever posed in the modern of questions “What should we do about comedy” and according to Yahoo the Mayor decided to answer it this way.


From Yahoo

Hours ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic presidential candidates debate in Westerville, Ohio, Pete Buttigieg faced an early question: What should we do about comedy, such as Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special, “Sticks and Stones,” which includes jokes about transgender people that some people felt crossed the line?

“I haven’t seen the special, but I will say that there comes a point where you’re just straight up hurting people,” Buttigieg said during an interview with “Good Luck America” on Snapchat. “I don’t know what goal you’re hoping to achieve. As much as there has been a lot of political correctness, there’s also this weird way in which it’s become fashionable to attack political correctness that I think has become its own weird correctness out there.”

Let me interpret…

I heard some people had hurt feelings so without having watched a moment of the special you asked about, I’m going to agree with those that had their feelings hurt even though it might have not hurt my feelings.

Cue up the song….feelings, nothing more than feelings.

I know this is kinda a new concept to people who live in a world where they can be protected from mere words that might offend them but comics are supposed to be FUNNY. Generally what that means is they touch on a lot of subjects that might be funny to most of the people they are speaking too. Sometimes you find X funny but not Y. Yet overall the comic is trying to get you to enjoy the time you spend watching them.

If you don’t like the “words” and situations he is using you don’t have to ever watch them again. Ever. The comics words are not hurting anyone. Words CANT hurt anyone.


They can get you mad or sad and words of encouragement can make you happy but that all depends on YOU. Stop allowing others to control how you feel based on a J-O-K-E. There are lots of comedians I don’t find funny for a number of reasons. They didn’t hurt me with any of their words even if the subject matter was aimed at me.

That a candidate for President answered this question in this way is just the new reality we have in the “Age of Trump” and I guess we will have to deal with it. Sad but true as the Metallica song would say.

Also just a viewing tip for Mayor Pete. Being you haven’t seen Chappelle and “Sticks and Stones” yet please do not go watch Bill Burr “Paper Tiger” being he is even a bit more vicious than Chapelle but equally as funny.

I don’t want your feelings to get stomped on.

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