CLIMATE SCARE FLASHBACK: Jimmy Carter Predicts We Run Out of Oil By 2011

We still have oil Jimmy.
We still have oil, Jimmy.

Whether it is that we are going to run out of oil or that we should have already been buried underwater, it seems that all of these dire predictions never come true.


I love to go back and find these nuggets and chuckle.

As I wrote last week here at Red State about how Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek fame said another ice age was coming and we were all going to die…

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The 39th President of the United States, back while he was running for the job in 1976, made a dire prediction about when we were going to run out of oil at a debate with President Ford on September 23, 1976.

Let’s go to the tape…

We need to have, a realization that we’ve got about 35 years left of oil in the whole world, we’re gonna run out of oil.

This statement was not challenged but just accepted by the moderator and the general press. For those who don’t recall — the United States was coming off the early 70’s embargo of oil from the middle east that caused long waits for fuel. That Carter would say this with no back up was just simply a scare tactic.


Much like the people who are saying that today we have 12 or fewer years to live unless we pass some idiotic legislation that is just a massive wealth transfer.

So if you think that some bill signed in Washington D.C. is going to save the climate and your life you need to do some more research on how long this scam has been playing on a rewind loop. A former President of the United States said the world would be out of oil in 2011 and yet here we are in 2019 still bathing in it at really low prices also.

How about that?


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