Anti Green New Deal Ad Running Tonight During Democrats Debate.

Screenshot: Twitter video
Screenshot: Twitter video

Now you have a reason to watch the “Jeff Zucker Presents: A Totally Unbiased Election Debate By CNN” because of CNN’s need for ad revenue. An ad that blows up the dream of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the New Green Deal, will air tonight.


You know this will make all the Democrats watching so happy.

According to Fox News

A new ad highlighting the “Green New Deal’s” (GND) financial toll will debut as Democrats take the debate stage on Tuesday night.

The ad, created by the right-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), will portray for voters a stark contrast between life under “common sense energy policies” and an economy “strangled” by the GND.

Tuesday’s ads will run before, during, and after the Democratic debate on CNN, but it’s just the start of a month-long campaign that will escalate with more than $250,000 in ad spending.

As I wrote earlier this week here at Red State about climate change or warming or cooling, these people supporting this nonsense have been acting weird and saying this stuff for years.

Climate Protester Climbs On Top Of An Airplane And Does Not Help The Cause.

CLIMATE FLASHBACK: In 1978 Mr. Spock Told Us Another Ice Age Would Be Here By Now.

I’m glad a group is taking the time and investing some coin to air an ad during a debate where all the candidates up on stage tonight will probably trip all over themselves to say the wackiest thing about climate change. I honestly am waiting for one of them to propose plugging up volcanoes and saying they support a Federal program to do so. #VolcanoesKill


I hope that Competitive Enterprise Institute will help organize and rally people to their cause in other ways. Possibly joining with other groups to start to roll back some of the nonsense that A.O.C and her happy band of Green new Deal bots are screaming about. They have been effective for 40 years and the time to push back is now.

In the meantime, enjoy tonight’s debate (Really, I’m SERIOUS) and let me know what you think of the ad at the info below.

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