Covering the Local Angle. What Is Happening in Fraser, Michigan.

I have, for the past 4 years, been involved in the local political scene here in Fraser, Michigan. For my friends who are dealing with the hustle and bustle on the national or state level, that is amusing. I will have to admit if the situations were reversed, I would probably think the same thing.


However, the mess locally is where the crap rolls uphill and we all wonder how that happened.

Below are the posts that I have done on this subject and where I will post all the future ones so that people who are interested will be able to find these easily. I hope this helps others decide to get involved in some fashion.

April 24th, 2019

Preventing And Exposing Corruption Starts Locally. Welcome To Fraser, Michigan.

April 29th, 2019

Getting Local: How It All Began.

September 16th, 2019

Something Smells Fishy In Fraser, Michigan.

October 4th, 2019

In Fraser, Ignoring Sexual Harassment Claims At City Hall Means You Should Run For Office

October 6th, 2019

City Of Fraser Had ‘Deficiencies’ In Its 2015 Audit Report. What Were They?

October 15, 2019.

Why Was Richard Haberman Taking Money Out Of Fraser Senior Housing?

October 28th, 2019

Sex Harassment Lawsuit Was Just Settled For Close To 300k In Fraser, Michigan. Here Is The Proof.

Super Secret links of interest.

City Workers sue for 1 million dollars.


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