CLIMATE FLASHBACK: In 1978 Mr. Spock Told Us Another Ice Age Would Be Here By Now.


I love Star Trek. The whole notion that we survive the mess we see the world in now and actually get to go for drinks on the moon and take a quick spin around Jupiter for fun is just a warm and fuzzy concept.


The show became part of our cultural DNA and the stars of the show went on to successful careers in other areas. Leonard Nimoy, A.K.A. Mr. Spock, was one of these Trek stars that found other things to do while not on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Nimoy hosted a fantastic show called “In Search Of…from 1978 until 1982 and it covered a wide range of topics that were explored. Material such as, is there a bigfoot, UFO’s, and the lost city of Atlantis were some of its episodes.

They also, in May of 1978, covered something according to their IMDb page called “In Search Of… The Coming Ice Age”. Of course, with all the interest in climate change and the 1.5-degree shift of getting warmer and all of us dying in less than 12 years ( Not my words ask A.O.C.  Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years. She is absolutely right.) I was absolutely intrigued.

Below is a video clip from that show.

I have taken some short clips that Nimoy says here to add my stellar commentary.

The data shows that the average temperatures in the Arctic have fallen dramatically over the last 30 years. In most locations, the drop has been 2 degrees centigrade.

According to NOAA we are up almost 1.42 F since 2000. I’m gonna call this a draw.

The whole Northern hemisphere has grown steadily cooler.

Check the NOAA link above. I guess we are getting warmer. Which is really nice for Michigan in Feb.


If we are unprepared for the next advance ( Ice Age) the result could be hunger and death on a scale unprecedented in all of history.

Whether it is massive ice sheets rolling our way or Florida flooding out, it’s always doom and gloom with these people. How about the world comes together like in the movie Independence Day and either does a huge BBQ or use the ice for drinks? C’MON PEOPLE.

What scientists are telling us now is the threat of an ice age is not as remote as they once thought.

Well, scientists are telling us something different now. Now, I’m not gonna blame them here. They get stuff wrong like this all the time.

During the lifetime of our grandchildren, arctic cold and perpetual snow could turn most of the inhabitable portions of our planet into a polar desert.

Nimoy has 5 grandchildren and from what the scientists are telling us now, we will be all fried before frozen. I’m not sure which one is worse actually.

What does this all mean?

That 41 years ago a show on network television with a beloved actor who played a character that relied on “logic,” scared the crap out of a 9-year-old Duke, making me think the ice was going to kill my family and I.

They were not just wrong but fabulously wrong.

Now those that believe the current dire warnings will say the technology is better, the computer models are more accurate and we have learned so much since 1978.


Well, how about if we do this as a test. Get the current weather reports you do EXACTLY RIGHT for 30 days, then we can chat about making predictions 40 years or 12 years maybe even just 30 months into the future.

Back in 1978, the climate alarmists used an actor who played a Vulcan (who is not supposed to lie) as a messenger to get people ginned up about impending doom. In 2019, they used a 16-year lil’ kid to do the same thing. They were wrong in 1978 and I’m willing to bet Al Gore’s billions that he made on this fantasy that they are wrong now also.

Predicting the weather, stocks, or what women are thinking when they are really mad is a dangerous proposition. Doing any one of these things is just…


P.S. Kirk is the best Captain E-V-E-R.

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