Former Congressman Joe Walsh Will (Maybe) Run Against Trump For GOP Nomination.

Well… I guess someone to the right of Bill Weld had to throw their hat into the ring to take on Trump.I’m predicting it will be the same result though.



I would say to be charitable that they both would be Trivia Pursuit questions but they don’t make that game anymore. For those of you under 50, Google “Trivial Pursuit.”

In what can only be described as a political suicide attempt or a vanity exercise, a second contender for the GOP nomination against Donald Trump will soon announce his intention to challenge El Presidente 45 for the GOP nod.

According to The Hill

Walsh would join former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld (R), who announced his candidacy earlier this year, as the second Republican challenger to mount the long-shot challenge against Trump, whose approval rating among Republicans has hovered above 50 percent since he took office in 2017.

The former congressman supported Trump during the 2016 election but has hammered the president for his conduct in the years that followed. Earlier this year, he sharply criticized Trump over behavior outlined in Robert Mueller’s report that detailed the results of the special counsel investigation into the Trump campaign.

“I don’t know how anybody can read this report and think, ‘This is behavior that we want in our president,'” he told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin at the time.

Expect more calls from Brooke being they are STARVING for content over at CNN that does not involve Godfather references or drinks named ‘Lemon Drops.”


Walsh who is currently a radio talk show host has not announced yet if he will continue his show while he campaigns across all 50 counties or so across the greater Illinois area. Of course, I’m kidding here. Kinda.

Here is the issue with ANYONE running against an incumbent President in a party primary.

You will not win. You will be forgotten by this time next year. You will never be the parties nominee. Even if Donald Trump were to be abducted by aliens from another planet than Mike Pence would become the guy to pick up the torch.

Anyone who has studied politics has heard of the challenge that the future 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, made to the then sitting President of his party in 1976, Gerald Ford. POTUS 38 and Reagan fought it out over the primary season of 1976 and ended up in Kansas City with Reagan losing barely to Ford. That division in the party did not fully heal by November and President Ford was beat out by Jimmy Carter. However, that race did set up Reagan for his victory in 1980. These primary attempts have been tried many times since and the one constant among all challengers to a sitting President of their party has always been this.

You are not Ronald Reagan.

I know people who have sincere differences with the current President. They make compelling arguments on T.V. and radio and print or social media. For example, I didn’t believe for one moment that Trump would be as Pro-Life as he has been, which prompted me to write this article The Trump Presidency Just Became The Most Pro-Life One Ever. and say I was wrong.


Those that do have a larger platform use those to highlight the difference and try to change the policies or behavior that way. Doing the political equivalent of a kamikaze mission just to get the title of “Former Presidential Candidate” before one’s name just seems like a futile exercise in ego.

However, the beautiful thing about America is one can do whatever their heart desires and their bank account allows. If former Governor Bill Weld and former Congressman Joe Walsh want to travel the country to “make a difference” I applaud you on this extreme vanity exercise.

I hope these two fine gents can get together and maybe share some bus fare as they zig-zag across the country trying to get a signal for the next CNN hit.

I can’t wait.

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