Did CNN Put One Of Its Contributors Who Supports Trump On Ice?

Would CNN ( also known as the Fredo Network) put a paid contributor on ice for defending President Trump in a safe, honest venue like a Prager University video? Damn right they would. The way that Trump jackhammers them on a daily basis you really can’t blame them.


According to various reports around the interwebs, Trump’s 2020 advisory board member and CNN contributor Steve Cortes might have been put on ice from commentary on the network. President Trump has noticed.

From Mediaite…

“Where’s Steve?” Trump has repeatedly asked — according to two unnamed officials who have heard the president make the remark in the White House.

The Trump surrogate recently got in some hot water with his colleagues over his characterization of media reporting on the president’s comments about Charlottesville. In a video for PragerU, Cortes accused the media of committing “journalistic malfeasance” by saying that Trump described Nazis as “very fine people.”

“Calling this a ‘malicious lie’ (which it’s not) and ‘journalistic malfeasance’ (which it’s also not) is a weird thing for someone who is a paid CNN commentator to say, given the network’s accurate reporting on the matter,” said CNN’s Oliver Darcy, in response.

I love how Darcy just says this is not true out of hand. If you actually watch the Prager University video it makes some points that Darcy and his pals would have trouble refuting without a teleprompter. Which means words that someone else wrote and or approved for them. ( Prager university video below for YOU to take a look.)

Now if my understanding is correct on how most contracts work on the news side of things in cable T.V. than Steve is getting paid no matter if they use him or not. Each contract is individualized to a certain degree but generally, that is how they go. Plus he is an at-will employee so if they want to pay him to sit they can do that until his contract runs out and then he can shop his services elsewhere.


I absolutely believe that CNN would “punish” someone this way for putting out an argument that goes against the narrative that is peddled and might deserve a fair debate. The powers at CNN don’t want any part of that. They just wanna cover-up for Fredo and Don and hope they can get a bigger share live than Rachel Maddow gets in re-runs.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think about it or if the Fredo network would do such a thing as freeze out a Trump surrogate that they are paying for his point of view.

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