Justin Amash Resigns From Group He Helped Found, House Freedom Caucus

Sometimes things move pretty quick.

Just yesterday right here on the pages of Red State I wrote a piece about the lone elected Republican in Washington D.C. who feels that President Trump should be impeached. That individual is Rep. Justin Amash from the great State of Michigan.


Here is my article from yesterday Hero Or Heel? Justin Amash After His Trump Impeachment Stance.

Now comes word that Amash has resigned from the group and the board that he helped create, the House Freedom Caucus. According to ole reliable CNN

Rep. Justin Amash on Monday stepped down from the conservative House Freedom Caucus less than a month after becoming the first Republican member of Congress to say President Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses.

“I have the highest regard for them and they’re my close friends,” he told CNN. “I didn’t want to be a further distraction for the group.”

“It was a positive meeting. It wasn’t negative,” Amash said.

He emphasized his decision was voluntary and that he remains on good terms with his colleagues.

Amash had been rebuked by the Freedom Caucus after he tweeted his opinion back in May that President Trump should be impeached with what he read in the Mueller report.

The timing of this does lead to some speculation of what is in the Congressman’s future. He had not been attending meetings of the group since at least March due to his disagreements of how his colleagues were drifting closer to Trump than he liked. So the resignation now could be in response to the official rebuke he received last month and as Amash tells CNN he no longer wants to be a distraction for the others.


Possibly he is seriously considering running for the GOP nomination for Senate next year in Michigan or taking on Trump nationally. Amash recently as his town hall had not ruled out the possibility of running against Trump in some sort of capacity next year.

Only time will tell.

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