After Mueller Press Conference Rashida Tlaib's Call For Impeachment Gains Steam

As predicted, the calls are going to get louder but will it matter?

I wrote earlier today here at Red State about who was the one that really lost in yesterdays Robert Mueller press conference. Who Was The Biggest Loser In The Mueller Presser? Nancy Pelosi and I said this about what would happen…


Notice that lil tweak at the end? That 38 want it and 200 don’t? That is how a skilled politician does it. She thanks them at first then lightly spanks them at the end. ( This is also why Trump is appealing to people is he does not do this stuff) She made her point that they just don’t have the evidence yet, so stop asking.

Nancy likes the perks of being Speaker. Free plane rides home, bigger office with a cool balcony view of the Mall and she is 3rd in line for the Presidency. All good stuff. So when malcontents like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib start getting lippy about impeachment, Nancy has to walk a fine line. They are part of the reason she is Speaker today but if Impeachment blows up they will be the reason why she loses it.

Pelosi and her younglings are going to be at odds about strategy here. Nancy knows this is dangerous but the newbies watched the West Wing and House of Cards and got elected once so they think that matters.

Well, he comes Rashida Tlaib right on cue making sure to turn up the heat. From Roll Call

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is calling on Democrats to “turn words into action” by signing onto her resolution directing the House committee in charge of impeachment to consider formally trying the president for wrongdoing.

At least 34 Democrats in the House have voiced support for impeachment. But just nine of those have cosponsored Tlaib’s resolution directing the House Judiciary Committee to inquire whether or not the Democratic-controlled chamber should impeach President Donald Trump.


She, of course, tweeted this…

The Speaker is going to only let this go so far before she clamps down on this. I don’t believe these newbies will heel though and either she puts them in a box or she leaves the top spot. With us ramping up to a Presidential year and 23 fellow Democrats pretty much screaming the same thing on the campaign trail this is going to make Pelosi’s job REALLY HARD.

I can’t wait.

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