Supreme Court: Transgender People Can Use Any Bathroom In Schools

Some days, life gets confusing.

The Supreme Court Of The United States earlier today left in place a lower court ruling allowing a school district in Pennsylvania that allows transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.


They don’t make enough Advil for these type of days.

According to …

Tuesday’s ruling was issued without comment.

In court papers, lawyers for the plaintiffs argue that “forcing a teenager to share a locker room or restroom with a member of the opposite sex can cause embarrassment and distress.”
“The district’s policy was a drastic change from the way locker rooms and restrooms have been regulated for the entire history of public-school systems,” they said.

Lawyers for the school district say that they made the decision to allow transgender students to use facilities that aligned with their gender identity because the district “Believes that transgender students should have the right to use school bathroom and locker facilities on the same basis as non-transgender students.”

So what this allows is that if someone who is born male decides he “feels” female than he/she should be allowed to use the women’s bathroom and locker room in the school.


Later in the article, we are assured that…

permission is not automatic but that when a transgender student requests to use facilities that comport with his or her gender identity, they have “several conversations” with a guidance counselor.

So after several conversations with a guidance counselor that will make everything totally legit? Why not just get Dr. Phil to do a guidance counselor for dummies book and take it from there. Truly the only thing that is missing here is a studio audience screaming “JERRY JERRY JERRY.”


That schools are now going to be allowed to have boys who are thinking they are girls now enter areas where actual girls need to have some privacy is insanity and vice versa. That the school district allowed this in the first place is moronic but now that the Supreme Court has affirmed a lower court ruling to uphold that lunacy is even more idiotic.

This is what happens when society decides feelings over facts are more important. We have lost our collective minds and the ride downward is only starting.

Nice job Boyertown Area School District, you make the argument of why public schools becoming more ineffective easier to make.

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