Barron Trump Will Suffer From Special Olympics Cuts Says Ohio Democrats

I’m old enough to remember when picking on a teenage Chelsea Clinton while her parents were POTUS and FLOTUS  was off limits and rightly so. How I miss the good ole days.


Through the wonders of facebook comes some posts that call out Donald and Melania Trump’s 13-year-old son Barron. Now we all know this happens with random internet tough guys but when it comes from “respected” members of the Ohio Democratic Party you have to sit back and shake your head.

Actually, this is how the modern Democratic party rolls today.

A very warm and super compassionate lady by the name of Ellen Connally on Wednesday. night posted this on her facebook wall about the Presidents son.

According to   Ms. Connally is somewhat of a big deal in Democratic circles in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. She is a former Cuyahoga County Council President and
Cleveland Municipal Court judge from 1980 to 2004. That would lead you to believe that she would be wise enough to refrain from taking any shots at a 13-year-old for political reasons.


The idiocy does not stop there though with the Ohio Dems. Another lady who ALSO identifies as a judge in Ohio had this to add to Ellen’s dumb statement.  Jocelyn Conwell could not wait to contribute this nugget in an already gross thread.

The hand on the chin means she is really thinking hard about what she writes.

Ok, maybe she didn’t think that one all the way through.

She has heard from a “reliable source” ( Brian Stelter from CNN?) that Barron has special needs? Really. Does she have any reliable sources that could clue her in on what in the hell is happening with the Jussie Smollet case? Are these the same reliable sources that said Russian collusion was a foregone conclusion?


I’m asking for America.

So because you hate his Dad who happens to be your president also, a 13-year-old kid that did not ask to be thrust in the fishbowl of political life and does not give speeches, means he must be special needs? What planet are you living on?

This is just speculative gossip thrown at a kid whose Dad’s policies you don’t like.

When you have a problem with any politicians policies, you should take it directly to them or the administration officials that are designated to implement them. Taking shots at teen children of elected officials is just lazy and unethical. This is the kind of stuff Bill Maher would do, not what people who are judges now or in the past should be doing.

Ohio Democrats, you should be ashamed, but I’m sure you think this is fine.

That at least is what my reliable source tells me.

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