Sen. Lindsey Graham Drops Twitter Bomb On James Comey

Admit it. None of us knew that Sen. Lindsey Graham was this much of a beast on the political scene until recently.

Coming off his rollicking speech Saturday Night down at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner, a fundraiser for the Palm Beach County Republican Party ( story from Politico) the Senator from South Carolina continued on his roll Sunday Night.


As we all know the synopsis of the Mueller report came out Friday with Attorney General Barr breakdown yesterday. My colleague Jennifer Van Laar breaks it down here Key Takeaways From Mueller Report Summary.

With all of the hot takes on Twitter with those who seemed to be hurt the most of the release of no collusion findings, one stood out. Former F.B.I. director James Comey who tweeted this mysterious gem.

That was all Sen. Graham needed to give the former director an invitation to answer some of those questions.

That, ladies and gentleman, is a thing of beauty. I dare say that President Trump might be losing a step on Twitter compared to Graham.

Now that we know there was no collusion it is time to find out how so many people in the United States government could ignore the lack of facts and drag something like this on for two years. James Comey has a large role in this and he should be asked questions. This might not fit the narrative of “moving on” some might preach but it needs to be done.


I look forward to seeing what else the Senior Senator from South Carolina has to bring during those hearings.

You should too.

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