Republican Rep. Justin Amash Joins Dems in Blocking Emergency Declaration

I know right off the bat the headline might have some people mad but this is actually a good thing. Rep. Justin Amash from the great state of Michigan has signed on with a Democrat bill to block the emergency declaration made by President Trump last week.


According to MLive

A familiar name to West Michigan residents appears among a list of House Democrats pushing to block President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration — U.S. Rep. Justin Amash.

Amash, of Cascade Township, as of Friday morning was reportedly the lone House Republican to sign onto the resolution of disapproval, a document the Associated Press characterized as a “one-sentence statement that says Trump’s emergency declaration ‘is hereby terminated.’”

He had also tweeted his opposition last week.

This is why there is no question this is a solid move.

Justin Amash is a throwback to the 18th century where the three branches of government were a bit more equal. In fact, the Article I branch probably had a lil more pull and rightly so, as the founders intended. He is a  zealot in making sure that Congress’ role in governing is adhered too and not rolled over willy nilly.


No matter if you agree that a wall/barrier should be built or not, every time one of the other branches goes ahead and oversteps its bounds the Constitutional Republic we live in suffers. Justin Amash is being consistent here in recognizing the President’s own words in his presser announcing this declaration and stating if it is not “really” an emergency than this order should not be done. Just because “Obama did it” is not a good enough reason to justify any other President doing it.

I happen to agree with President Trump that a barrier and other resources need to be deployed to the full southern border. You can’t have people strolling across any time and keep a functioning sovereign society. Instead of an Emergency Declaration though, the President should have kicked Paul Ryan in the rear and gotten a bill sent to the Senate to have the fight there for the whole nation to see.

That Justin Amash is being consistent here is one of the bright spots currently in Washington D.C. and everyone who spouts off their love of the Constitution should appreciate his stance. Rep. Amash is one of the biggest defenders of the Constitution including the 1st & 2nd Amendment and is a big pro-life supporter. We need more like him in Congress, not less.


We all need to be more consistent in the views we hold and not waver depending on whether an R or a D is after one’s name. The future of our Republic demands it.

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