Daily Show's Trevor Noah Pounds Jussie Smollett Into the Ground.

When it rains it pours, and when you are a liberal jackwagon and you lose the Daily Show host, you know it is a flood of biblical proportions heading your way.


On the heels of Jussie getting cut from the last two episodes of the show “Empire” (My colleague Sister Toldja has the story here Smollett Fallout Begins: “Empire” Takes Steps To Remove “Jamal” From Popular Show) and his arrest yesterday, his pals in the media are in a retreat.

Everyone except Don Lemon from CNN but that is par for the course with Lemon.

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show handed Jussie his rear end on Thursday night’s show after the indictment and press conference from the Cook County prosecutor’s office. When you lose the liberal comic talking heads, you are pretty much the walking dead.

According to the Daily Beast

On Thursday, Chicago Police said they believe Smollett staged his own attack as a publicity stunt with the aim of getting a raise on his Fox show Empire. “Are you kidding me?!” The Daily Show host asked. “This dude may have faked a hate crime just to get a raise? What’s the logic there?”

“This is such a petty reason to pull off such a major crime,” Noah said, comparing it to Tupac Shakur faking his own death to get out of a Blockbuster late fee. “That would be insane!”


For those of you wondering, Tupac did not fake his death and you are going to have to google “What is a Blockbuster late fee?” to fully get the joke.

I don’t watch the Daily Show anymore being Jon Stweart was the king of the format and I just never felt compelled enough to give Trevor a shot. Stewart was at his best when he skewered all sides with equal vigor. He was brilliant when he had an original hot take and poked fun at himself for getting it wrong.

Maybe Trevor is on this path.

I don’t know if he did a hot take on this story earlier in the month but that he is now willing to roast Smollett without hesitation is a sign that maybe he is learning a bit from his predecessor. Let’s be honest, we were bombarded with clips from the Daily Show when Jon was there and most people don’t even know the show is still on. They could use an injection of spear-everyone-for-a-laugh no matter who it is.

Noah ended on a pretty thoughtful and funny note.

“But there is a silver lining,” he said. “When this started out, it was a story about people who hated Jussie Smollett because he was black and gay. But now, people hate him because he’s an @##hole. In other words, they’re judging him on the content of his character and not the color of his skin. And that, my friends, is progress.”


Great comedy always has kernels of truth in it and the Daily Show host crushed it here with a ton of kernels. Instead of automatically hating or liking someone based on political beliefs, the color of their skin or who they are shacking up with, how about what type of person they are?

What an amazing world that would be.

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