WHAT!?!? Nathan Phillips Says Covington Student Explanation Is INSINCERE


Nathan Philips is so enamored with his own B.S. he is doubling down on the debunked narrative that he somehow is an unlikely hero after confronting a bunch of kids last weekend in Washington D.C.


Just a day after Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann was on the TODAY show with Savannah Guthrie and explained his view of what happened at the Lincoln Memorial, they dragged 4 year Private in the Marines Corp (Someone needs to ask how you achieve that feat) to give a response.

Delusional is a word that comes to mind after watching this dribble.

According to the Daily Beast

Nathan Phillips—the Native American elder who was caught up in the fallout of a viral video showing Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann grinning in his face as he beat a traditional drum—has dismissed the teen’s attempt at contrition as being insincere, but added that he forgives the kid anyway.

“Coached and written up for him. Insincerity. Lack of responsibility. Those are the words I came up with, but then I went to go pray about it,” Phillips said Thursday. “What it says is, he has a PR firm. So those aren’t even his words if he has a PR firm,” he said, adding that he’d like Sandmann to demonstrate “some sincerity, some sense of responsibility for his actions.” However, despite feeling that Sandmann’s explanation was inadequate, he went on to say that: “Even though I’m angry, I still have that forgiveness in my heart for those students.”


During his prayer, it was revealed that the kid had a P.R. firm? That type of chutzpah is AMAZING to watch. All we need him to do is explain what the definition of “is” is and we have a bonafide candidate for the 2020 Democratic primaries.

So our wannabe hero thinks that the 17-year-olds explanation was insincere. Great. That is an opinion one can have. Generally, we base our opinions on something tangible like facts. Here the facts are pretty clear.

Phillips rolled up on a bunch of white kids banging a drum and thought possibly he was going to get a verbal beating or if he got lucky someone touches him so he could flop to the ground. All Nick Sandmann did was sit there and smile (smirk)  and try not to breathe too hard being he did not know what this crazed dude was doing BANGING A DRUM IN HIS FACE.

Does that make Sandmann’s explanation insincere of what happened? Did the 17 yr old parents hire a P.R. firm to deliver this insincere explanation? Does Phillips even know what day it is?

Saying that those kids lacked responsibility is incredibly amusing coming from a guy who it was just revealed when he was just a tad bit older than those kids decided to go A.W.O.L. from the Marines.  My colleague Jennifer Van Laar wrote about the wannabe heroes past here. UPDATE: Nathan Phillips’ DD-214 RELEASED – And Shows He’s Not Quite What He Claims I have a sneaking suspicion that at the same age as the Covington kids are now, a young Phillips would not have sat there and just smiled.


This is the continuation of common sense flipped on its head. These kids did nothing wrong and Nathan Philips is trying to get over his anger and forgive them for doing nothing wrong.

Phillips should be ashamed of himself, but he won’t be. He enjoys the warm spotlight of media attention on his face way too much and we all have to deal with this lunacy.

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