Trump Deals On Dreamers And Democrats Reject

That was quick.

President Donald Trump in a speech from the Diplomatic Room in the White House offered a deal on the Dreamers to re-open the government and the Democrats immediately rejected it.


According to CNBC

President Donald Trump on Saturday proposed legal protections for undocumented immigrants in exchange for money to build his proposed border wall, a plan meant to put pressure on congressional Democrats as the longest government shutdown ever drags into its 29th day.

The offer likely will not lead to a deal to reopen the nine U.S. agencies that remain unfunded as concerns grow about the 800,000 federal workers going without pay. Before Trump announced the proposal Saturday, Democratic leaders rejected it as inadequate as details emerged in media reports.

This leaves the government shutdown in place unless something breaks over the next couple of days.

While I fully believe that the Federal government is way too big, tomorrow will be day 30 of this shutdown and how long are people like air traffic controllers going to keep working without a paycheck? There are some jobs that are currently done by the feds that could be done by others but we are stuck with Uncle Sam doing them.


How long would you do a job you were not getting paid for and do it happily?

Hopefully, this olive branch moves some on the Dem side in Congress to start talks with the White House again. They should be there every day until this is resolved.

Being they can’t fly on any govt junkets for the time being they have the time.

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