CNN Signs Gov. John Kasich To A Contract. How Exciting.


How long until Kasich brings up that his dad was a mailman to Don Lemon? I have 22 seconds.

In what was not considered stunning news at all today, former Ohio Governor and perennial P.I.A. to President Trump, John Kasich, announced he was going to CNN to offer his thoughts on stuff leading up to the 2020 Presidential cycle.


Can you feel the excitement?

According to Deadline

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich will make his debut as CNN’s newest political commentator, Tuesday night on Cuomo Prime Time.

Kasich is one of President Donald Trump’s most prominent critics. He ran against Trump two years ago and he has more recently declined to rule out a 2020 primary bid against Trump. CNN and other cable news channels typically say so-long to commentators once they take specific steps to run for office, the cable news network said in today’s coverage of its Kasich hire.

I really can’t wait until Kasich makes his debut tonight with Chris Cuomo and the host says “Let’s Get After It, Son of a Mailman.” I know I don’t have to tell you that during 2016 Presidential primaries that Kasich mentioned his dad was a mailman a number close to infinity.

Those playing a drinking game to that phrase, if they lived, have not been the same since.

This is actually a good move on the part of the former top fella from Ohio. He gets a big paycheck to bring his not very exciting style to cable t.v and hope to translate that into exposure for possibly challenging Trump in 2020. A Kasich challenge in the general could easily tip Ohio in a bad way for POTUS 45 and sink his Presidency.


All the anti Trump reading that just all of a sudden became YUGE John Kasich fans. He is going to need them.

The CNN gig will allow him to test some talking points and tweak his style. He was the last man standing against Donald Trump in the 2016 primaries, not because people liked him but because he was too stubborn to quit. When Sen. Ted Cruz threw in the towel after the Indiana primary it was clear that Trump would be the nominee.

Kasich eventually did concede the race but refused to go the GOP convention that was held in his home state of Ohio Trump campaign: Kasich ’embarrassing his state’ by skipping convention and he burned some bridges along the way.

We all know that if you are going to play who has the biggest ego and use blow torches with Donald Trump, be prepared to get roasted. He is really good at scorching the earth underneath you.

This does not mean that Kasich could not have an impact. He could and the CNN gig might give him some valuable reps 5 days a week on a network that enjoys sparring with Trump on a daily basis. Just imagine if Jim Acosta took Kasich with him on a visitors pass to a White House press briefing.


You know you would watch every second of it.

So get ready to watch some brilliant ( yawn) commentary starting tonight and don’t forget to buy forever stamps before the post office raises rates again.

That last part I know would be endorsed by John himself.

His dad was a mailman after all.

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