Chris Wallace Says Jim Acosta 'Embarrassed Himself' in Confrontation With Trump

Give up the mic, Jim

The blowback of the wild press conference at the White House the day after the midterm elections continues as now reporters are taking sides on the actions of Jim Acosta from CNN.


As my colleague Brandon Morse wrote earlier today, Major Garret from CBS is ok with Acosta and his behavior, Major Garrett Sides With CNN’s Jim Acosta Over White House Scuffle, Signaling Everything Wrong With Today’s Press

Now we have Fox News host Chris Wallace taking a different view.

Jim Acosta embarrassed himself.

According to The Hill

Fox News host Chris Wallace on Wednesday chided Jim Acosta’s behavior during President Trump’s press conference earlier in the afternoon, saying the CNN chief White House correspondent “embarrassed himself.”

The “Fox News Sunday” host weighed in after Acosta sparred with Trump over the president’s portrayal of the Central American migrant caravan as an “invasion” heading toward the southern U.S. border, leading to a tense exchange.

“It was classic Trump, and you saw all the notes that he can play,” Wallace said on Fox when asked about Trump’s pushback toward Acosta.

“He was combative, at times. He got into a fight with Jim Acosta of CNN. I have to say, I thought Acosta’s behavior was shameful,” Wallace continued.

“Most of the people there were serious reporters asking serious questions. But Jim Acosta, I thought, embarrassed himself today,” Wallace added later.


Wallace is right.

Trump and Acosta both acted out of line.

However, when you are part of the media that is criticizing the behavior of President Trump, then you decide to out-Trump Trump in his place of business for at least the next two years, you lose whatever credibility you have left.

CNN does not have much left being they still employ Don Lemon.

Jim Acosta has made most of his questions about his preening before cameras and soaking up as much camera time as possible. That his colleagues in the White House press corps are defending his antics is just silly. There is no defending Jim Acosta just as there is no defending Trump losing his cool in front of the country.

Hopefully more reporters have the courage to come out like Chris Wallace and say that Acosta was out of line and should apologize.

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