Joy Behar Blames GOP Senate Wins on Gerrymandering

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm NO

They don’t call it “The View” for just any reason. They call it that for the “The View” from empty-headed analysis of their participants.


On the Election afterglow show on Wednesday, longtime panelist Joy Behar showed that she knows a lot about comedy and nothing about government. She did not mean for it to be funny though.

According to the Free Beacon

Joy Behar of “The View” falsely claimed Wednesday that Republicans maintained control–and even gained seats–in the Senate this election cycle because of gerrymandering, a process that impacts congressional districts.

ABC’s Matt Dowd had to reply that the Republican Party’s ability to control of the Senate while obtaining less votes in the national popular vote was not a result of gerrymandering. “That’s the Constitution,” he said.

Behar’s remark came in response to Dowd remarking that popular support for Democrats was outpacing Democratic gains. He noted President Donald Trump won the electoral college in 2010 but lost the popular vote. Likewise, Democrats received 8 million more votes than Republicans between the various Senate races last night, but still lost seats.

While Behar blamed a Democratic minority on gerrymandering, the process has nothing to do with the election or distribution of senators. Gerrymandering is the manner in which congressional districts are drawn to favor one political party or candidate. Senators are elected at the state level, so state lines determine electors, not congressional districts.


Behar is a typical left-leaning person who reads or sees a clip and has zero understanding of what it really means but she is going to repeat it. Luckily Matt Dowd from ABC was there to help try to explain it to her.

I doubt it sunk in.

Go ahead and watch the clip before ABC makes it disappear.

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