Did The Media And The Democrats Hateful Rhetoric Make Cesar Altieri Sayoc Snap?

Glad You’re Caught

Now that the package bombing suspect, Cesar Altieri Sayoc, has been caught we can now start to break down and review some of the things that have lead up to this point.


I hope that we can all agree that you DO NOT try to harm a person or property in regards to any disputes. Sending bombs through the mail or breaking someone’s glass window or torching their property is not acceptable ever. If you can’t agree to that then just stop reading this and go back to injecting Drano into your veins.

Words can move us to do many things. They can uplift us and inspire. The may enrage you or make one sad in your realization that things are not as you had hoped. Both the spoken and written word can do all these things and they are part of the weave of our society.

While we do not know the exact motives yet of Sayoc and why he did this we can take a semi-educated guess at his van that he might be a Trump supporter. I don’t think I’m taking a big leap there.

So we have a disgruntled Trump fan that sent packages with explosives to some of the biggest names in politics and entertainment and a news organization that bristles when what they do is called #fake. Most in the media and social media are saying President Trump’s words inspired this behavior.

Is that possible?

President Trump has never called for anyone to send bombs and hurt those that oppose him but he has mocked his opponents and at times it has been both funny and cringe-worthy to watch. So if you go by the gauge of what happens at his rallies, Trump gets people fired up, they chant “lock her up” and they laugh a lot at his poking the Democrats.


Would that inspire a nut case to do this? Having fun at your opponents’ expense at a rally or rip them on twitter?

There could be another possibility though. One that I have not seen explored and I’m sure will be ridiculed and copied at the same time. Possibly this could be the people who received those packages fault. What if they so enraged this guy with their words that they set him off?

If the words we say can make one take actions that they know are unlawful and can hurt someone, then we must consider all words to be suspect. Right?

So if former Attorney General Eric Holder has said ‘When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about. Could that have set someone like Cesar off?

How about when Hillary Clinton said ‘You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.’ Even though it looks like the suspect was a registered democrat that had a lot of Trump love, Clinton’s declaration might have gotten him ticked.

We all know that famed actor, Robert De Niro, is not a big supporter of Donald Trump. Earlier this year he gave a speech at the Tony Awards where he famously  said “It’s no longer ‘down with Trump,’ it’s ‘f**k Trump.'” That really might set off someone who thinks President Trump is the bee’s knees.


What these three people and all the others that received packages have in common is that they all have been publicly critical of POTUS 45. Was that enough to set this person off and make him so crazy that he would do this?


Words can inspire you to great things and they can enrage others to do rotten deeds, yet the action that you take on anything is your responsibility and yours alone. Trying to pin this on Donald Trump, Eric Holder or moi is showing your lack of serious thought on this issue.

On all sides right now we have a serious lack of thought into this and a lot of other things and it needs to be talked about and dealt with honestly.

We need to do better.

Starting today.

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