Disgusting: Tolerant Left Mocks Lindsey Graham On His Sexuality.

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Have we had enough of this crap yet?

In one of the most clear-cut examples of liberal, progressive bias and there is a long list, Sen. Lindsey Graham was called out for being gay on Thursday. Of course, by someone who is a gay rights supporter (allegedly) and he had to address whether or not he is to reporters.


How fricking tolerant of the lunatic fringe that is the base of left-wing politics today.

Chelsea Handler on yesterday decided to launch a twitter grenade at Sen. Graham ( see below) trying to be funny. As the Senator was headed out of D.C. some reporters caught up to him to ask the question of what he thought of it.

According to the Washington Times ansered in this way.

“I don’t think much about what she says at all,” the South Carolina Republican said. “If she wants to live her life that way, that’s up to her.

“She knows zero about me,” he said. “To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay.”

Is this what the left has come to?

The group of people that longed for people of all races, creeds and sexual orientations being accepted for who they are. Except when they stray off the gay plantation of liberal dribble thought.

This is absolutely disgusting. You have a right to speak your mind in this country but the double standard of who gets dinged for speaking their mind is getting overly tiresome. There is no doubt in my opinion, that if a person of a conservative bent had said the very same thing about Graham if he had voted AGAINST Brett Kavanaugh they would have made the top of the news cycle at CNN and Jack over at Twitter would have led the charge to ban the account and hide the evidence.


Trying to shame someone for their sexual preference in 2018 is so 1940 Chelsea. Why don’t you just blow the dust off the Nazi and Hitler jokes and finish the job.

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