Sen. Hatch 'Shoos Away' People Yelling at Him, Tells Them to "Grow Up"

Someone get this info to Sen. Flake on how to handle screaming people while you get into an elevator.

Everyone at Red State has been covering the reaction to the F.B.I. report being released earlier this morning and the movement of the three GOP senators after reading it. Sen. Flake and Sen. Collins seem content with it showing nothing new and Sen. Murkowski is ambivalent at this point.



Well, the reason we are in this countdown to a vote on Saturday is because of a series of events that occurred last Friday after Sen. Flake announced his yes vote and then was accosted going into an elevator by two women screaming at him.

Screaming always makes your point. (Not really.)

Well, enter senior statesman and retiring Senator Orrin Hatch who is not really known for being a hot-tempered jerk. He was approached at an elevator a short time ago and a tweet with a video posted by Scott Hechinger showed Hatch throwing down the dismissive wave with a parental admonishment to “grow up” is bound to be an instant classic.


These kids in adult bodies pulled that maneuver on Flake and he folded but it actually benefitted the GOP it looks like. However going forward if these ill-tempered weenies think screaming “DO YOU BELIEVE” women is going to work to make your case maybe the GOP should send you all a bouquet after the midterms.


You are screwing up and America at all times is watching.

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