Viva Las Vegas....One Year Later and Going Strong

Las Vegas is America’s playground. An oasis out in the middle of the desert with mountains as backdrops and neon lights to the heavens and beyond. Vegas is where people from all over the world come to play in the most unique of American places.


I simply love that town.

One year ago today, America’s playground became part of America’s sorrow as 58 innocent people were murdered while enjoying a country music festival. How can we wrap our minds around the fact that people were killed and hundreds wounded for the simple thing of spending time with others who loved music?

One year later there is still no clear motive as to why Stephen Paddock (I’m going to use his name being I believe you shine a light on evil) rained bullets down on the festival from Mandalay Bay and police and other experts still don’t know why.

From the Daily Mail

‘People are bewildered by the case – there’s a bewilderment, and there’s a horror,’ Dr Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist and clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Diego, told The Wall Street Journal.

Dr Meloy has spent 30 years researching and writing about topics including psychopathy, criminality, personality disorder and targeted violence.

He told the newspaper he is often asked questions about the Vegas shooting at conferences and lectures.

‘The most troubling cases are those without an answer,’ he said.

Russell Palarea, president of the threat-assessment firm Operational Psychology Services, said that when there is no grievance, the motive is often infamy. He said: ‘Some people kill for notoriety and infamy, and that’s what he did.’

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department conducted dozens of interviews with Paddock’s family, his ex-wife, his girlfriend, and his doctors, which didn’t reveal much.


Horror is not a strong enough word.

I will admit that after the shooting I had to take inventory of positions I have held for a very long time. Unfortunately, this is something I have had to do after any shooting where innocent people fall from a cloud of bullets.



Sandy Hook.


In the Vegas shooting, Paddock used a bump stock to get more shots off in less time. The President today said in the Rose Garden the Federal government is about to ban the bump stock sales here. I don’t think that will help but I hope it might.

After every one of these horrific shootings when I do a gut check after wanting to scream and punch these evil bastards into oblivion, one thing is still clear to me.

Evil in THIS world exists.

You can ban every gun, every knife, every form of arsenic and whatever other thing man has made to kill man. You will still have people commit evil acts and occasionally as frightening as it is, sometimes you won’t have a motive.

Evil is evil and it needs no reason since the time of Cain killing Abel.

I know among the smarter than thou people who drift among us that saying “Thoughts and Prayers” is not so in vogue but go ahead and take a look at what that can lead too.


Memorials and blood drives were being held around the city today. In a place known for its hustle and bustle, it was taking time to remember all those lost and wounded one year ago today.


Christie Kraemer, a Las Vegas real estate agent who wasn’t at the concert but knew people who were, said “I never want Oct. 1 to happen again. But I love Oct. 2 because of the way everyone came together.”

Shooting survivors Chris and Larisa Rapanick of Chesapeake, Virginia, made the trip to Las Vegas for weekend events including a 5K run, a country music club show and a reunion of survivors on Saturday. At the sunrise service, they stood with their two adult daughters.

“We weren’t going to let this ruin a place we like to come to,” Chris Rapanick said. “I’m glad to be standing here.”

Do yourself a favor and take some time to reflect on what a blessing it is to be alive and that we live in a country such as ours, warts and all.

Then take a moment to offer a prayer to all those affected in Las Vegas, any school shooting, any shooting anywhere that innocent people are killed or anyone hurt by any sort of violence.

America could use more of that and being Las Vegas is America’s playground that means so could that oasis in the desert. We built a city out in the dust bowl, which means we can do anything with the wind of divine providence at our backs.


We just have to ask.

Viva Las Vegas.

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