Keith Ellison Still Not Under FBI Investigation for Alleged Abuse

Why So Angry?

Another day and another news story that covers Democrat and DNC Co-Chair, Keith Ellison, running for Minnesota Attorney General — that means he is the top law enforcement officer in the state — and no F.B.I. investigation of him for abuse allegations.


As I covered in my earlier post on good ole Keith Democrat Keith Ellison Is Everything Dems Accuse Kavanaugh Of Being, there seems to be a bit of a double standard between Keith and Brett Kavanaugh.

For a refresher…

There is at least a paper trail here of abuse with Ellison. He is running for the top law enforcement official job in the state of Minnesota. He has at least twice been accused of being violent with women and states he does not know if other accusations are coming.

While there is no “official” investigation, it seems the voters of Minnesota are starting to take notice. A brand new poll taken shows that the race for A.G. is TIED. According to a story out of CBS Minnesota…

Polls show this is a very tight race. A KSTP/Survey USA poll released September 16 shows Republican challenger Doug Wardlow and Ellison with 41 percentage points each. The Star Tribune/Minnesota Poll released September 19 shows Ellison with a five-point lead. That is still within the margin of error.

Are the accusations against Rep. Ellison having any impact on the race? It depends on who you ask. Ellison says no, while Wardlow says yes.

There has not been a Republican Minnesota attorney general since 1972, and the polls clearly show this is a very tight race.

As Ellison campaigned at a north Minneapolis church, he says voters are not asking him about the allegations.

“They want to talk about health care, they want to talk about, sometimes, immigration,” Ellison said.


I love that last part that people on the trail are not asking about this. Of COURSE, they aren’t, they’re afraid of your reaction probably.

Even with that lovely anecdote, it seems that this story is having an effect on the race which is incredibly good news. How can it be, with the #NewRules that the Democratic party is insisting on, that the co-chair of the DNC, a sitting congressman and the party representative for Attorney General can skate free on this allegations?

He should have resigned immediately when these came to light and a full-blown F.B.I. investigation should have ensued. Those are the #NewRules right?

Keep up the pressure those of you in Minnesota — you are fighting the good fight in the state of Walter Mondale and Hubert Humphrey (Google them) being they were honorable liberals that would have never done what this Congressman Ellison has done.

In case you missed my other post on a different subject Brett Kavanaugh Is A Better Human Being Than Senate Dems, So He Must Be Destroyed and my podcast Bourbon On The Rocks check it out and follow me on the twitters at IRISHDUKE2


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