BREAKING: Trump Stands By His Man Kavanaugh

With all the sheer stupidity going on right now, at least this was somewhat predictable. President Trump earlier this morning at the United Nations in New York had this to say with the new allegations coming out about Brett Kavanaugh.


According to the New York Times

U.S. President Donald Trump defended his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Monday against what he said were unsubstantiated statements alleging sexual misconduct, calling him a fine man with an unblemished past.

“Judge Kavanaugh is an outstanding person. I am with him all the way,” Trump said after he arrived in New York to attend the United Nations, General Assembly.

So then we fight.

There is so much great content on all of this here at Red State so do please keep checking back all day to read what is happening and might happen with this cluster you-know-what.

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