Democrat Keith Ellison Is Everything Dems Accuse Kavanaugh of Being

One alleged incident 35 years ago from someone who can’t remember critical details compared to documented evidence from just a couple of years ago.

Not even a close call, unless you are a Democrat working on Capitol Hill or on CNN.


The Co-Chair of the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY (let that sink in) last night in a televised debate in the Attorney General’s race in Minnesota said some interesting things. According to Fox News

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison pushed back Friday against allegations of domestic abuse, saying his accuser fabricated the story about him.

The Minnesota Democrat also dismissed a medical record that named him as the abuser, but said he can’t be sure more people won’t “cook up” allegations against him.

“Cook up” allegations? You mean like that whole thing with the Supreme Court Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh? I’m sure the situation is the same. Allegations from three decades ago when you were a teenager.


Ellison appeared on a televised debate for the Minnesota attorney general’s position, where he faced grilling on the allegations raised by ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, who said he sent her threatening text messages and once screamed obscenities at her as he dragged her off a bed by her feet.

On Wednesday, Monahan published a medical document where a doctor wrote that Monahan “states that she was in a very stressful environment for years, emotional and physical abuse by a partner with whom she is now separated.”

So according to the new Democratic party rules which Keith Ellison is the CO-CHAIR of this means he should be banned from politics for the rest of his life and be forced to work as a carney in a traveling fair.

Sorry to all the carneys out there, I know you have more integrity.


There is at least a paper trail here of abuse with Ellison. He is running for the top law enforcement official job in the state of Minnesota. He has at least twice been accused of being violent with women and states he does not know if other accusations are coming.

Seems like a pattern. A pattern by the way not shown in any way shape or form by Brett Kavanaugh, whom the only thing you could say about him is that he is super super super nice and how can anyone be like that?

So the National Democratic party has a problem and they are praying to whatever idol they worship this week that you just walk by this story and pay attention to whatever Jim Acosta from CNN is saying is “Breaking” at the White House.

The people of Minnesota could possibly elect a person who has a history it seems of being a bit of a hot head and install him in the top cop job.

Keith Ellison is everything his party accuses Brett Kavanaugh of being.

Minnesota deserves better than him and the country deserves better from the Democratic party.

In case you missed my other post on this subject Brett Kavanaugh Is A Better Human Being Than Senate Dems, So He Must Be Destroyed and my podcast Bourbon On The Rocks check it out and follow me on the twitters at IRISHDUKE2


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