Rahm Emanuel Says No to a Third Term as Chicago's Mayor

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Rahm Emanuel has decided that another term as Chicago’s Mayor is not in his future.

Rahm was quoted in The Hill as saying:

“I’ve decided not to seek reelection,” Emanuel said Tuesday morning. “This has been the job of a lifetime, but it is not a job for a lifetime.”


This is a bit of a stunner being he has been saying for close to a year that he was running for re-election and this is the one job he had dreamed of going back to his days as a congressman.

The past eight years, though, have shown a sharp rise in crime and Barrack Obama’s former Chief of Staff has not been able to do much of anything to stem it. Just look at this year’s shootings so far: Chicago Shootings 2018. They have had over 2000 shootings and are 500 behind last year.

With a record like that, I would have just resigned.

So get ready for a splendid fight in the Windy City to see who will replace Rahm.

Maybe Michelle Obama is ready!!


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