John Cynn Wins the World Series of Poker

Occasionally, you just need to take a step away from the daily grind of political writing and watch the grind of people trying to win a bunch of money doing something a lot of us have done.


Play poker.

In an epic showdown Saturday night/Sunday morning in Las Vegas, John Cynn of Indianapolis bested Tony Miles of Lake Mary, Florida to win the Main Event of The World Series of Poker. The match was the longest in main event tournament history and was one for the ages.

According to Cynn’s hometown newspaper the Indy Star:

An Indianapolis resident and Indiana University alum took home $8.8 million and a World Series of Poker title in an epic championship match of record-breaking length.

John Cynn, 33, won the World Series of Poker no-limit Texas Hold ‘em main event, outlasting Tony Miles, of Lake Mary, Fla., heads-up on the 442nd hand of the final table.

The back and forth between Cynn and Miles lasted more than ten hours and 199 hands, making it the longest heads-up contest on record for the WSOP Main Event.

The WSOP every year brings hundreds of thousands of people to Las Vegas to watch and play a various number of poker games and it has always been fun to watch.


Even though Miles came in second, he does walk away with a 5 million dollar payday and having the honor of being part of such an epic battle. ESPN for the first time showed a 30 min delay of the event which added a great new dimension to its coverage.

If you get a chance, take a break for a moment from all the back and forth of politics and watch some of this battle. Poker is mentally taxing, just like politics and lying (bluffing) is actually admired unlike in politics. Really, it is.

Congrats to John Cynn on being the World Seris of Poker Champ 2018.


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