Michael Avenatti: Media Tease Expert

Stormy Getting Sketchy

Michael Avenatti might be a good attorney. What he is really good at is getting the media to jump through the hoops his team sets up to bring publicity for the Stormy Daniels case.


Last Saturday morning he tweeted this in regards to finding the person who allegedly threatened Stormy in Las Vegas in 2011.

Kudos on the hashtag #thugsearch

Then on Sunday, he tweeted a picture of Stormy talking with someone who is drawing a picture of the person she says approached her in the parking garage 7 years ago.


This morning on CNN’s morning show New Day, Michael talked with Alisyn Camerota and revealed that the sketch of the perp and the reward amount will be released………


From CNN

Stormy Daniels’ legal team plans to release a composite sketch of the man the porn star says threatened her in 2011 when she was trying to sell her story about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, her lawyer said Monday.

“We’re going to be releasing that tomorrow, along with a significant reward, asking that the public come forward, asking to identify this individual,” Michael Avenatti told CNN’s “New Day,” adding that his team is “close” to identifying the man who allegedly threatened Daniels.


This guy is putting all previous porn and media teases to shame.

They will be releasing the sketch, a reward amount and they are really, really close to identifying the person but will need more time to pimp that aspect of the story out to keep this in the news. If Avenatti’s career as a lawyer doesn’t work out, I would sincerely suggest he teach a class on how to hold the media attention to maximum effect. He has this down pat.

So tune in tomorrow as we get a good look at who Stormy says possibly threatened her, how much cash will be offered as a reward (better be over 100k) and possibly some more class A media teases.

You know you can’t wait!!!


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