Kathy Griffin Thinks Decapitation Is Edgy

Kathy Griffin is edgy.

TMZ has an exclusive photo  of the famed D-list comedienne holding a head of a decapitated Donald Trump. Griffin joked that her and the photographer, Tyler Shields, would need to head to Mexico or risk being thrown in jail.

This is what it has come to in America. We have to hate on someone so much for reasons we can’t really articulate, that holding a head representing a current President Of The United States, all bloody and mangled is “Fair Game.”

Does anyone find this funny? Even remotely?

Kathy Griffin is edgy all right. Right on the edge of being one of the crassest and unfunny people alive in the country today.


Twitter has exploded. Seems that people from all sides of the political spectrum are not in love with this maneuver by Kathy. Does decency still have legs in America today?

CBS News jumped in online on this. Lets see how long before CNN and Anderson Copper jump in to comment on their pal Kathy.

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