Forty Years in the Wilderness

What more may we say about this day in history than that which has already been said? How can we continue to express our sorrow, our sense of loss, and of injustice? And more to the point, should we even bother?

Another Presidential election has come and gone, and the most pro-abortion President in history has been re-elected. Just yesterday a man so enamored of abortion he was unwilling to vote for punishing doctors who failed to provide medical care for children who survived abortion placed his hand on a Bible and took the oath of office for a second time, after having ridden to victory at least in part on his Republican opponent’s unwillingness to even engage him on this issue for fear of backlash. Now our political betters within the beltway and without tell us that it’s time to drop this issue, concede the ground and move on. Let’s be about the truly important business of marginal income tax rates and deficit spending.

While we are not blind to the grave peril presented by America’s financial condition, we must reject this siren call because we believe, quite simply, that America cannot properly be reduced solely to her monetary net worth. We question whether an America stripped of all concerns but for her bottom line is truly worth saving. And we remain faithful that in this great nation, one day even this, the greatest of injustices, can be righted through the democratic process.

However, we realize that this result will only be possible through a constant vigilance against the temptation to compromise with unmitigated evil, and we take this opportunity each year on this day to renew our pledge, now more than ever: we will not endorse any pro-abortion candidate, or accept a pro-choice writer as a front page contributor. If this stand makes us simpletons in the eyes of some, then we shall wear the label of “simpleton” proudly, secure in this knowledge: that the most basic function of any government is to protect the lives of the innocent, and that we have not been diverted by the latest shiny object from holding to this simple truth.

Forty years we have waited, while countless tens of millions have perished. We stand in solidarity with those who march in the capital today, saddened by the knowledge that in some way we have failed those who have perished already.

Today we renew our commitment to use all our strength to prevent the same fate from befalling tens of millions more over the next forty years.

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