WATCH: Maxine Waters Flips Her Wig When GOP Congressman Prevents Her From Abruptly Ending FTX Hearing

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Despite Sam Bankman-Fried being a no-show — he’s busy fighting extradition to the United States after being criminally charged with fraud — there still were some fireworks at today’s FTX hearing in front of the House Financial Services Committee. You’re pretty much guaranteed a fun sound bite — or whacky video clip — when Maxine Waters, outgoing chair of the committee, is involved and today was no different.


Current FTX CEO, John Ray, who’s trying to clean up the mess left behind by SBF, did appear before the committee today and testified that “FTX commingled customer funds with the FTX Foundation and affiliated nonprofits to advance SBF’s vanity projects and progressive causes.” Ray also told the committee that there were “absolutely no internal controls whatsoever” when it came to recordkeeping, noting:

“It’s one of the worst from a documentation standpoint. Even in the most failed companies you have a fair roadmap of what happened. We’re dealing with literally, sort of a paperless bankruptcy, in terms of how they created the company,” he told the committee. “It makes it very difficult to trace and track assets particularly, as I’ve said, in the crypto world. It’s really unprecedented in terms of the lack of documentation.”

The fun really started when Waters tried to abruptly end the hearing without all of the committee members having had the chance to ask questions. When Waters began her closing remarks and thanked Ray for his testimony, Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) repeatedly tried to get her attention and request his turn to question the witness. Waters, after having an aide whisper in her ear, continued on with her closing remarks and ignored Gooden, resulting in Gooden having to raise his voice again and request a “parliamentary inquiry.” A clearly disgruntled Waters, with a face like thunder, snarled in Gooden’s general direction and reluctantly, yet flippantly — some might even say begrudgingly — allowed him his five minutes of questioning.



That last bit, “You’re certainly welcome, sir,” was said in sarcastic tones that are reminiscent of a petulant teen girl who didn’t get her way. People actually keep re-electing this wretched woman, who is way past her sell-by date and has the bitter, self-important attitude that comes with spending way too many years in DC. She only manages a smile when blowing kisses to Democrat megadonors like SBF, apparently.

Speaking of SBF and the gobs of money he gave to Democrats in the midterm elections (plus the millions he poured into Biden’s 2020 campaign), Waters may have been trying to bring the hearing to an abrupt end to head off questions about this very matter. As RedState previously reported, Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee received over $300k in donations from SBF and his FTX co-founders, with Democrat Reps. Chuy Garcia, Ritchie Torres, Josh Gottheimer, Jim Himes, and Sean Casten being the primary beneficiaries of SBF’s ill-gotten gains.


Unfortunately for Maxine Waters — and fortunately for the sane among us — her days as chairwoman of this powerful committee are coming to an end, with Republican Patrick McHenry taking over in a few weeks. Life in the minority won’t be easy for the entitled Waters, but it is sure to result in new outbursts and scowling rejoinders for us to enjoy.

Republicans take control of the House on January 3, 2023.


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