Abortion Air Taxis: The Democrats' Insidious New Billion Dollar Plan for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Vacations

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The Senate’s very own abortion “woo girls,” Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Patty Murray (D-WA), have introduced a billion-dollar bill that would provide pregnant women with all-expense paid trips to terminate their unborn children. Their “Reproductive Health Travel Fund Act” (nothing healthy about abortion, ladies!) would use taxpayer money to cover travel, lodging, meals, childcare, translation services, and post-abortion medical services for the chosen women, at a cost to taxpayers of $1.75B over the next five years. The cost of the actual abortion procedure would not be covered, but, hey, throw in a few cocktails and a pedicure and you’ve got yourself one hell of an abortion vacation, all on the American taxpayer.


This proposal is, of course, in response to the Dobbs decision, which saw the Supreme Court rule that abortion is not a constitutional right and remand the issue back to the states to legislate. And therein lies the problem for Tammy Baldwin and Patty Murray. They can’t control what’s going on at the state level, where Republicans control 30 state legislatures and split with the Democrats on three more. This means those pesky pro-family, sensible restrictions on abortion are making their way into legislation in flyover country. Nothing incenses the left more than babies being born and happy families being made.

Sens. Baldwin and Murray put out a joint press release about their proposed abortion vacation legislation, with Baldwin lamenting:

“Right now in states across the country, Americans are unable to make their own health care decisions. Women in states like Wisconsin are being forced to travel out of state just to see a doctor for critical health care, including abortion. And for too many, the cost of travel, child care, overnight housing, and time away from work puts safe, comprehensive reproductive care totally out of reach. By reducing the costs of travel for people seeking reproductive care, more Americans will be able to make the health care decisions that are best for their family, health, and future.”

Abortion is the only so-called “health care decision” where at least 50 percent of the patients end up dead and we applaud it and demand more.


Murray, for her part, is super “proud” to be wasting tax dollars on the proposed abortion tourism, stating:

“In overturning Roe and passing one extreme state abortion ban after the next, Republicans have unleashed a full-fledged health care crisis that is jeopardizing women’s health and forcing them to stay pregnant against their will. This moment calls for bold solutions—and that’s why I’ve proposed creating a new, historic abortion fund and why I’m proud to cosponsor Senator Baldwin’s bill to help get women the abortion care they need. Every woman deserves to have control over her own body and be able to get the care she needs—no matter what state she lives in—and that’s what this proposal will help deliver.”

Abortion is the left’s one true religion, and they’ll happily spend your money to make sure even more babies aren’t afforded the right to be born. It’s demonic, it’s vile, it’s the Democrat Party.

As ghoulish as it sounds, what Tammy Baldwin and Patty Murray are proposing here is a sick new industry: abortion tourism. Woke companies like Disney have already said they’ll cover the travel costs of employees/uterus bearers seeking abortions in other states. Heck, why not just open abortion mills on Disney property? And when the tourism industry gets those sweet, sweet federal dollars pumped directly into their veins, they’ll be hooked and there may be no turning back.


There is one shred of hope that sanity will prevail: Republicans taking control of the House in January and stopping legislation like this from ending up on the desk of The Most Faithful Catholic in the World, Joe Biden. Whether the GOP is up to the task remains to be seen.


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