WATCH: Crowd at Lakers Game Goes Wild as Marine Vet Chugs Beer from Her Prosthetic Leg

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Sporting events are known for attracting rowdy crowds that are ready for a good time, but a Marine veteran took things to a whole new level at Monday night’s Lakers-Pacers game, when she removed her prosthetic leg and proceeded to chug beer from it. For her efforts, she was awarded Fan of the Game by the home team Lakers, much to the crowd’s delight.


One fan summed up the sight like this:

‘The best part of the Lakers game last was the lady who took off her prosthetic leg, filled it with beer, and proceeded to pour it all over her face, all on the Jumbotron as fans were being reminded they could be ejected for unruly behavior,’ tweeted one Lakers fan. ‘That’s entertainment you can’t buy.’

Luckily for us, AP reporter Greg Beach caught it all on video.


The Daily Mail identified the Marine vet and elite beer chugger as Annika Hutsler. Hutsler had her right leg amputated after repeated attempts by doctors to remove a tumor from it. She now competes as a discus thrower and wheelchair racer in the Warrior Games held by the Department of Defense.


Hutsler wasn’t the only one enjoying herself at last night’s game, notes The Daily Mail, as a fellow spectator sank a half-court shot during halftime and won $75,000.

A quick look at Hutsler’s Instagram account shows she’s not letting her disability slow her down. And she’s definitely keeping a good sense of humor about her situation, with her bio reading: “Sorry if I seem grumpy, I couldn’t start the day on the right foot🦶🏻”


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