Here's How We Know Hollywood Fears the Rise of Ron DeSantis

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

First, a warning: This isn’t exactly family-friendly material. Not that you were expecting a story about Hollywood to be wholesome and endearing, of course, but they’re really flaunting their perverted street cred on this one.


Their target this time is Ron DeSantis.

In a scene from the Paramount Plus show, “The Good Fight” — yeah, I’ve never heard of it, either — the writers introduced a fictional DeSantis staffer who claimed he was sexually assaulted by his former boss. At CPAC, of all places. I’ve been to many CPACs, and let’s just say it’s a setting for the salacious encounter portrayed here only in the twisted minds of the show’s writers.

The scene from the show is being included here for informational purposes; it’s really sick stuff, so just know that before you watch.

What kind of sick mind would write such a demented — not to mention defamatory — scene like this? It seems to be par for the course in today’s entertainment industry, where deviancy is the norm and viewers are left with scant few family-friendly options. Perversion runs amok in Hollywood.

If the show needed some seedy material to spice things up, the world of politics is full of them. It’s really not all that hard to find child sniffers, tales of sexual encounters in, say, the Oval Office, or even sons of political figures engaging in all sorts of debauchery.


But, no, Hollywood has to target a God-fearing family man like Ron DeSantis because he is everything they fear. He took on Disney and won. He engages in the culture wars and wins. He protects schoolchildren from the radical trans agenda and their enablers in the educational system. He’s a proven winner. He is the anti-Hollywood and voters like his style. Just look at Tuesday’s results.

In short, Ron DeSantis and his blessedly conservative agenda are a huge threat to Hollywood. And his star has just begun to rise, thus, the ridiculous scene above that is so clearly intended as payback for his successes. They fear him because he’s a fighter with a winning record. And Americans love a winner.

Unfortunately for Hollywood, Ron DeSantis isn’t going anywhere.



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