If the Democrats Lose This Virginia Seat, They Are in for an Electoral Thrashing

It’s never a good sign for a candidate when Jill Biden shows up to campaign for you the day before the election. It means that the Democrat Party is so worried about you losing your seat that they send in some perceived Big Biden Energy in the form of the First Lady. They can’t send in the president, of course, because he might end up endorsing your GOP rival.


Thus, is the plight of Jennifer Wexton, Democrat and current Congresswoman from Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. She is in a close race with Republican Hung Cao; polling from October shows Cao trailing by only two points, with Wexton at 43% and Cao at 41%. This is astonishing considering Joe Biden carried the district by 19% in 2020.

VA10 is located in the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia and encompasses parts of Loudoun and Prince William counties. You might remember Loudoun County as the epicenter of last year’s parent-led rebellion against critical race theory, COVID school closures, and an out-of-control school board that prioritized politics over student safety. The end result was Republican Glen Youngkin taking the governorship and a sound rebuffing of liberal policies that neutralized parental rights.

Jennifer Wexton is your typical Nancy Pelosi rubber-stamp Democrat. There’s nothing extraordinary about her; Wexton has done nothing of note to distinguish her from countless other Democrat women who prioritize abortion and ignore the plight of everyday Americans suffering through a dismal economy. An economy that, it should be noted, is the direct result of disastrous Democrat policies that are supported by Jennifer Wexton.

Contrast that with Hung Cao, whose family fled Vietnam in the treacherous last days of the Vietnam War and built a life in America despite arriving on our shores with very little. Cao went on to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy and serve twenty-five years in the Navy. He’s a political newbie but beat out a crowded GOP primary to win the nomination.


During her appearance yesterday with Wexton, Jill Biden, perhaps not understanding the irony of her words, told the crowd, “There is a choice to make between two drastically different versions of our future.” But residents of VA10 may not particularly be voting based on the future; their priorities, if last year has taught us anything, begin with their families. And right now, grocery and gas prices are surging, crime is also on the rise, parental rights are being eroded, and Democrats like Jennifer Wexton are preoccupied with abortion and Donald Trump.

Make no mistake, VA10 is a blue district. It is home to many employees of the federal government and most people in the region benefit economically from the seemingly endless tax dollars that flow through the area. Historically, the district has voted in the best interests of the federal government, which means, of course, voting for the party of big government, the Democrats. But the area is also home to ever-increasing numbers of Hispanics, who are family-oriented and feeling the sting of the Biden economy. As RedState’s Joe Cunningham reported recently, Hispanic voters are fleeing the Democrat Party in large numbers.

It’s also the home of parents who are feeling the sting of feeding their families and are in a continuous battle with the public schools to endure their children are being educated, not indoctrinated. Glen Youngkin’s win last year still reverberates:


“It’s clear that the same conservative momentum that put Glenn Youngkin over the top in the last days of the race for governor last year is working for Hung now,” former Prince William County Supervisor John Stirrup told Newsmax.

Like many other Republican candidates across the country, Hung Cao seems to have momentum as voters head to their polling places. The results in districts like VA10, which should be called fairly early in the evening, will send a clear message on how Democrat-weary blue areas are voting in 2022.

Polls close in Virginia at 7 pm Eastern time.


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