BREAKING: Is Trump About to Fire Tom Price?

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has come under considerable scrutiny for hiring private planes and using military flights to fly him – and, on occasion, his wife – on official government business, racking up bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.


President Trump indicated on Wednesday that he was “not happy” with the situation, saying, “I’m going to look at it. I let him know it.”

Price appeared on Fox News last night, telling host Bret Baier that he hoped to “gain the trust of the administration and the president” again. He added: “There will be no private air charters at HHS going forward.”

And, now, it seems judgment day for Price is here. The president made this statement this afternoon:

TRUMP: “He’s a very fine man, but we’re going to make a decision sometime tonight.”

Trump ran on a platform of “draining the swamp,” and huge sums of taxpayer money being spent like this by his Cabinet members does not look good.

Watch this space for updates!



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