President Trump Taunts North Korea's Kim Jong-un With a Hilarious New Nickname

As is his wont, President Trump gave a White House briefing today via morning tweetstorm. On his mind was North Korea and its penchant for launching ballistic missiles toward U.S. allies.


Apparently, the president spoke with South Korean President Moon Jae-in last night to check in on their unruly neighbor to the north, and, in doing so, gave the Nork’s diminutive leader a new nickname.

Before anyone gets too outraged about this, let’s remember that previous presidents have taunted our enemies. George H.W. Bush famously – and deliberately – mispronounced Saddam Hussein’s name during the Iraq War in an oratorical middle finger to the dictator.

And if anyone deserves a little presidential taunting, it’s Kim Jong-un.

Here, for your listening pleasure, is Elton John paying tribute to the little madman.


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