He Was Gravely Injured by a Crazed Leftist, but Steve Scalise's Tweet Today Proves He's on the Road to Recovery

It’s been three months since Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter who opened fire on a baseball field full of Republican lawmakers practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. Scalise was gravely injured, sustaining a gunshot wound that caused major internal damage.


After many weeks in the hospital, Scalise was transferred to a longterm rehab facility to continue his recovery. He recently started participating in House GOP leadership calls, saying he’d return to the halls of Congress when his doctors agree it’s the right time.

It appears that getting back to work isn’t the only thing Scalise is looking forward to, judging by his tweet today:

U2 gave a shout out to Scalise at their concert last night in the congressman’s hometown of New Orleans:

“[He] almost lost his life. We wish him continued strength and we hold him in our prayers,” Bono said.

Let’s hope Scalise is out of rehab and knocking back a few Guinesses with the Irish rockers very, very soon.



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