OUTRAGEOUS: This Town Right Outside of DC Just Decided to Let Illegals Vote

Just a mere nine miles outside of Washington, DC, lies the town of College Park, Md. It’s the home of the University of Maryland and its Terrapin football team, which recently made headlines for its huge upset win over Texas A&M.


College Park is also the place that just decided to let illegals vote.

The College Park City Council voted 4-3 last night to allow “undocumented immigrants to vote in municipal elections.” Undocumented immigrants, of course, being the politically correct way of saying illegals will now be able to vote in local elections.

College Park is located in Prince George’s County, a liberal hotbed that is home to many government workers and lower income families. It has a high crime rate and has suffered for decades under Democrat rule.

But even in strongly left-leaning College Park, there were differences of opinion about letting illegals vote.

This guy was for it:

“The reality is allowing all people to vote in municipal elections is going to make College Park more inclusive, and that has been the history of voting rights expansion in the United States and what has happened in our neighbors in Maryland who have expanded voting rights to non-U.S. citizens,” said Todd Larson, who is in favor of the proposal.

This lady was against it:

“Although you come up here and you say that there are hundreds of citizens and residents of College Park that are for this charter, I can tell you that there are thousands against it,” said Beth Debrosky, who is against non-citizen voting. “Voting is a right of the citizens. It’s plain and clear. It’s constitutional. It’s also written at the state level and it also belongs at the local level.”


College Park’s mayor, Patrick Wojahn, is taking a victory lap today:

Wait, some of these illegals don’t have a path to citizenship?! Yes, they do. They just have to do it the right way, like everyone else. Rewarding them with the right to vote – a right secured with the blood of many brave men and women – is a slap in the face to all law abiding Americans.

As the hammer comes down on sanctuary cities around the country, places like College Park may be shocked to find out that they are completely out of step with Trump’s America. And that might become a big problem for them.


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