Update: Hammer Comes Down on Bully Cop Who Roughed Up Utah Nurse

It was the bodycam footage seen ’round the world: Detective Jeff Payne losing his cool and roughly arresting nurse Alex Wubbels for doing her job. The video footage, captured by another police officer who was present, was released by Wubbels’ lawyer on Thursday and by Friday it was the talk of the internet.


Payne’s bullying behavior against Wubbels was all there in color. To make matters worse, the nurse was correct in stopping Payne from collecting blood from her unconscious patient. Many were galled to learn that Payne was not suspended from the force pending an internal investigation, but was simply reassigned to non-field work duty.

Well, the hammer has finally fallen and Payne has now been placed on leave as result of his actions. The outcry against his behavior was fierce, with nurses nationwide voicing their disgust and police departments fretting that their relationships with medical facilities could be compromised because of Payne’s actions.

A second, unnamed officer has also been placed on leave. And there may be more officers facing consequences for failing to put a stop to the outrageous event.

Says victim Alex Wubbels, “I was being bullied and nobody was willing to speak up for me.” So far, Wubbels has no plans to sue Payne.


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