In Their Own Words: This Chilling Chant Shows What 'Antifa' Fascists are All About

My colleague streiff did a comprehensive rundown on the chaotic and often barbaric scenes out of yesterday’s antifa demonstration rampage through the streets of Berkeley. There is one video clip that has since emerged that is very telling about the ultimate motive of these cowards who cover their faces and pretend, with the able assistance of the mainstream media, to be combatting fascism.


“No Trump. No wall. No USA at all.”

“No USA at all.” No, it’s not surprising that these be-masked thugs hate the USA and that Berkeley is their home base for their hatred. The city has welcomed them with open arms and should now be considered occupied by an enemy state.

Make no mistake, though. Donald Trump is just today’s convenient excuse for anti-Americans to be anti-America and thugs to be thugs. This kind of nonsense pre-dates Trump and will still be around after Trump if we don’t name this evil and fight back against it.



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